Installing String Patio Umbrella Lights

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Attaching patio umbrella lights to your deck or patio umbrella can give both aesthetic and practical benefits to your outdoor entertainment area. At night a patio umbrella with lights can provide an ambient glow while also making it easier to see in the dark, so you can relax safely on your patio no matter what time it is. There are two main types of patio umbrella lighting: a single patio umbrella light which attaches to the pole of the umbrella and can be adjusted for height, and the popular string outdoor umbrella lights which provide for more decorative, but still useful, lighting.

String lights attach to the ribs of your umbrella and around the rim. Often they are LED lights, and will not attract as many flying insects as most other lights will. They come in many colors, and can either be battery powered or require an extension cord. Setting up string lights can take some time and effort, but since they are designed so that the umbrella can still be lowered while the lights are attached once they are installed they do not have to be taken down again. Just as when you buy Christmas lights, it is important to make sure when purchasing your umbrella lights that the entire string will not be affected by a single bulb burning out. Having to remove and reinstall lights is a hassle, and undermines their convenience and usefulness. In addition, since most umbrellas are round, if you have a rectangular patio umbrella you will want to check that the lights can be used on those as well.

To install string lights on your patio umbrella:

1. Open the umbrella fully while it is held securely in its stand.

2. Make sure the lights are not tangled up, which they may be when you remove them from their packaging. Then, following the instructions given on the lights, attach the strings to the ribs of the umbrella underneath the fabric cover and to the outer rim of the umbrella.

3. If your lights are battery powered, the battery will attach to the umbrella pole. Otherwise run an extension cord to the pole to plug in the lights.

It may take longer than expected to install your lights, but the finished result will be worth it. A lighted patio umbrella does double duty, proving shade from the sun during the daytime and a festive source of light at night. While you could always use more conventional lighting for your patio instead, having patio umbrella lights will add an extra flair to your nighttime parties. Your guests may be so impressed that they decide they need to have lights on their own patio umbrellas as well!

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