Commercial Patio Umbrellas for Business Use

Business owners have a lot of choices to make when running their companies. For businesses that see customers on a daily basis, some of those choices involve how to keep those customers comfortable while they are visiting the business. One option some business owners might consider are commercial patio umbrellas. While they are not suitable for all or even most types of businesses, commercial umbrellas can be indispensable when used correctly.

Businesses that Could Use Patio Umbrellas

One of the biggest categories of businesses that can benefit from patio umbrellas are restaurants. Small cafes along a popular street, large restaurants with their own parking lots, coffee shops, and bars that are open during the day or early evening – all of these and more could successfully use umbrellas. The storefront cafes can make use of their sidewalk space by providing outside dining for their customers, while the larger restaurants have the space for dedicated patios. Alternatively these tables can provide overflow seating while customers are waiting for a table. Having waiting space outside keeps the interior of the restaurant from getting too crowded, and providing seating and shade for your customers keeps them happy while they wait.

Commercial patio umbrellas are also frequently seen at any business where there is swimming. This includes hotels with pools, as well as beach umbrellas at seaside resorts. Since pools and beaches are the most popular when the sun is shining brightly, it is always a good idea to give your customers a place to sit out of the sun when they choose to.

Commercial vs. Personal Patio Umbrellas

A typical commercial patio umbrella differs from a standard backyard umbrella in some significant ways. For one, commercial umbrellas come in larger sizes. While it is not unusual to see the smaller umbrellas used at businesses, it’s also common to see giant 11-13′ or larger umbrellas. The largest umbrellas can cover more than one table at a time, without the inconvenience of multiple umbrella poles.

Another difference is in the construction. Commercial-grade umbrellas are meant to last, and to withstand all sorts of weather conditions as well as use and potential misuse by employees and customers. Heavy-duty fabrics, steel, and quality hardwoods are often used in the manufacture of commercial umbrellas. With these materials comes a far heftier price tag than the average consumer-grade patio umbrella. Commercial umbrellas are also more customizable than their consumer counterparts, so that they can match the logos of the company using them.

Benefits of Commercial Umbrellas

In many ways the benefits of a patio umbrella is the same regardless of where it is used or who owns it. Patio umbrellas, commercial or otherwise, provide shade and protection from light rain. For a business this translates into a better experience for customers, something most businesses aspire to. In addition, for restaurants in particular, adding outdoor seating through the use of patio tables and umbrellas increases the capacity of the restaurant without overcrowding the inside, allowing for more profit potential.

Another benefit of the use of commercial patios outside a storefront occurs only when the umbrellas have been personalized to reflect the company. Using the company name or logo on the umbrellas increases awareness of the business, and can catch the attention of people walking or driving by.

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